More Info Video Clip Production

There are a variety of factors to consider when contemplating the production of a music video clip.
Below I have outlined some things to think about.

Is your song mastered?
Having the final master is important as timing can be effected in the final master.
If you are intending on mastering yourself keep in mind that things such as tempo & timing can not be changed after the production of a music video.

What is your image?
You would be surprised that many bands think they have an image yet have put no thought into how they are actually being perceived. Ask a friend, manager etc for feedback on what they think your image is, you may be surprised by their comments.
Before deciding to have a music video made think about the clothes, costumes, props etc that you wish to wear or have in your video, alternatively seek input from a stylist if fashion is not your sort of thing. We can offer a stylist that can help you decide on a look if it is a service you wish to have included.

Do you have a location in mind?

Locations can add production value to your clip, if you know of a location that you think would be perfect for you clip approach the owner and see if permission can be obtained for filming.
When looking for a location keep in mind that different 'background' / 'set' will be beneficial as shooting in the one location or shooting the same background can lend the clip to become visually repetitive.
Does the location have power? We do have generators but not enough to run lighting so a location with power is defiantly a big +.

Are you comfortable being in front of a camera?
When someone puts a camera on you it can sometimes be confronting, keep this in mind if you wish to appear in your music video as a camera will be on you. It may sound ridiculous but DO practise in front of a mirror.
One of the most common edit changes requested is for a shot in which someone thinks they are pulling a sexy face for example but when seeing it as the camera sees it they realise their sexy face is not so sexy.
If you think you or your band would be better of with actors then think about it, some of the most memorable clips do not actually have the band.

Be realistic about what you can afford.

You would be surprised by the amount of enquiries we get from people who have no idea of the actual cost of their vision.
For example recently a request was made for a music video that went something like this; "I would like to have my clip start as I am getting out of a plane with a model on my arm, I then jump into a sports car that arrives a nightclub full of people".
The reality was that the requester had no idea of what this would cost and when he submitted his budget figure it was not even enough to cover the cost of the sports car hire.
You must understand that things do have costs associated and although we can keep our production costs to a minimum we can not get you a free sports car or plane and that if you wish to have a nightclub full of people keep in mind that they need to be fed & watered.
Be realistic about your budget, we attempt to work within requested budgets so if it is tight remember that sourcing locations, props, even providing your own makeup etc will remove those cost from our end and the most affordable approach is to use us for production (crew, equipment, editing & output etc).

I saw this American clip on MTV / Vevo, Can my clip look like that?
Short answer is yes if we can be resourceful.
Keep in mind that clips on Vevo, MTV etc are usually funded by a record labels, this means that they tend to have budgets between $10,000 - $500,000. If you have a budget of that amount then yes we can hire a large crew, shoot on the Arri Alexa and provide you with a Fox Studio set. However if your budget is not that then keep in mind that we can only do what is artistically possible with the resources available to us. A good quality music video comes down to the concept, location, performance etc and making the most of resources available. We can shoot good looking footage, offer creative direction and provide a high quality clip through collaboration, technical knowledge and experience.




Where are you based?
We attempt to service most of NSW and advise clients to come to us. We are prepared to travel and in the past have traveled for location purposes however remember that this means that it is a minimum of two crew + our gear + travel + accommodation + expenses so if you can come to us it will keep your cost down. Alternatively we advise artists that are out of state to co-ordinate a shoot with a Sydney gig etc. If you would like us to come to you then please include a note of where you are based.

First Contact:
Once you decide that you would like to have a music video made send us an email & include all the information you can about what you have in mind. Include a description of the basic story line, plot, twists etc or if you just want to have your band set up in a space then include a description of the type of location you would like even if you do not know of an actual location that may suit.
Send us a link or copy of your song + a link to your Facebook / Website etc so we can see what you are about.
If you are stuck for ideas then send us a link to some examples of music videos that you like, this could either be because you like the colour grading, editing, look, location, props, dancers etc
It is alot easier for us to speak to you directly and answer any questions you may have so please include a contact number and a best time to call.
After we have made contact we can work towards collaborating on a concept and work towards sourcing locations / studio.


Meetings are the best way to go over any ideas you have and to brainstorm some if you don't. It is a good opportunity to have a meet & greet and work towards finalising ideas, location and additional clip requirements.


Once a basic concept is decided upon we can then work toward pre-production, this is when we will secure and lock in a location, finalise ideas, organise equipment, crew, logistics and schedule a shooting date.

We require a deposit before the shoot, the deposit is roughly 50% of the total (eg: if the clip is $3,500 we ask for a deposit of $1750) this enables us to cover expenses like location hire, makeup & crew etc.
After your music video has been edited and it has been approved by you we ask for the balance (final 50%) before we send you your DVDs, beta tape & web formatted video.
This give roughly 4 weeks between payments and helps reduce the pressure of a lump sum.

The day you have been waiting for, the day of your shoot!
On the day of your shoot we can provide a hair and make-up artist who will work with your to create your desired look, catering & drinks will be supplied.
Shooting on HD under the direction of experienced directors & DOPs using a combination of lighting, jibs, stedicam & dolly, we will have a fun day or night shooting your clip.
Keep in mind that we understand that mistakes are made and we do not expect you to be prefect straight off the bat, if mistakes are made we will do another take and only proceed when you are confident that you are giving your best performance.

Please no "I need my clip by the end of the week".
It happens more then I would like to count usually at the end of a long days shoot, the dreaded "I need my clip by the end of the week".
One thing we ask is that you kindly DO NOT book in a launch UNTIL you have your final product!
This include ANY kinds of distribution on TV, Web or digital content distributors.
If you do need your clip at short notice (within 7 days) then we will unfortunately have to add an additional cost of $500 to your invoice. This is mainly to discourage this as an option.


Upon the completion of your music video shoot we will go away and start on the edit, this may take up to a month+ depending on the colour grading and any visual effects that may be needed.
Once the base of the edit has been complete and a colour grade has been applied we will send you a link so you can view your video online and request any changes that you would like to make.
After you have viewed the final edit & any changes have been made we will then proceed with authoring, DigiBeta conversion & webdata formatting and have the final products delivered to your door.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us.